Sunbeds & Booths

Midnite Sun offers 4 levels of sunbed tanning ranging from our Fast Level through our Instant Level. We change our lamp hours at half of the recommended time to ensure you get a gorgeous tan every time!

If you demand the fastest, darkest, longest lasting tan – look no further! Our instant level is the highest level of tanning Midnite Sun has to offer! You can build a base tan in just 2 – 3 visits. Our instant beds have 12-24 minute sessions.

With amazing results in as few as 4 visits, this advanced bronzing bed produces results! Our Fastest beds are equipped with facial tanners to give your face an extra boost of color. It’s the perfect level for both beginners and experienced tanners. Our Fastest beds have 10-12 minute sessions.

A great option for building a base tan, our Faster bed includes most stand up equipment. Our Faster beds have 10-15 minute sessions.

If you have the ability to tan often, our fast beds are effective at maintaining your tan! Our Fast beds & booths have 10-20 minute sessions.

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