Memberships & Pricing

Join the Sun Club!

Our most popular package & best value is our Sun Club. With the Sun Club, you will receive unlimited access to the level of your choice plus amazing discounts on upgrades & sunless tanning.

With our Sun Club your are able to freeze, upgrade or downgrade your Sun Club with ease.

*To cancel or freeze your membership, simply stop in at any Midnite Sun location!

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*Annual Clubs do not require a cost to join. The membership will start on the date of purchase and will expire in 365 days.


Our Sun Club is our most popular package. The Sun Club is a Monthly Membership that works like a Netflix or a Gym Membership. It does require a card to be on file. Your membership will be drafted on the first of each month until you choose to cancel or freeze your Membership.


Our 30 Day Pass requires a one time payment in the level of your choice. The Membership will start on the date of purchase and expire in 30 days.


On the day of join receive:

  • Discounts on products
  • $30 in Member Upgrades
  • One FREE Sunless Inclusive Visit
  • 5 Passes for your Friends & Family

Throughout your Membership receive:

  • Member Upgrade discounts
  • Weekend Upgrade Pricing
  • Special Member Only Promotions
  • Upgrade Packages

So how does it work?

  • Works just like Netflix or a Gym Membership
  • Set up automatic payments with your credit card or checking/savings account

What do I pay today?

  • The day you join you pay the prorated amount for the remainder of the month plus the cost to join. Your first full payment will begin on the first of the month.