LED Teeth Whitening

Bleach Bright LED Teeth Whitening + BluMinerals

Bleach Bright LED Whitening Kit + Blu Minerals

Price $119.99

One system stands out above the rest for fast and effective teeth whitening: the BleachBright L.E.D. Whitening Kit and BB-Cool Advanced III light. Popular in salons, spas, and dental offices all over the world, the BleachBright system combines speed and convenience with amazing results.

Bluminerals™ enamel boosting gel seals in your whitened teeth and protects them against future stains. With just a 10-minute treatment, sitting under an L.E.D. light, you can increase your enamel strength and protect your teeth against damage and yellowing.

Think of bluminerals™ as the finishing, protective touch for your brilliant new smile. You wouldn’t wash your car without waxing it, would you? And you wouldn’t shampoo your hair without applying a hydrating conditioner, right? Well, don’t leave your newly whitened teeth unprotected, either. After you whiten, insure your smile with bluminerals™ by BleachBright!

In just one session, you’ll see your teeth lighten 2-8 shades!


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